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Vision Zero Boston

What does Vision Zero mean for Boston?

Vision Zero Boston is our commitment to focus the city’s resources on proven strategies to eliminate fatal and serious traffic crashes in the city by 2030. We are inspired by the belief that even one fatality is too many.

While Boston has a relatively good record on traffic safety compared to many other cities, Mayor Walsh is not content to accept 20+ fatalities and 200+ serious injuries on city streets every year. Death and serious injury are not part of the cost of doing business in a busy city.

Vision Zero Boston looks behind the statistics at the human and economic cost of traffic crashes; the barriers created by busy, high-speed roads in the heart of our city; and the impact of speeding on neighborhood streets that can limit access, mobility, and opportunity in communities that need it the most.

Vision Zero Boston makes traffic safety personal. Bostonians are going to meet the victims of serious traffic crashes and the family and friends of people killed on our streets. These are not just statistics, and traffic safety isn’t someone else’s problem.

Vision Zero Boston prioritizes safety and takes a people-first approach to transportation and community building. Most trips in the City of Boston are made by people on foot, bike, or transit. Everyone, including drivers, benefits from a transportation system that’s made safer for the most vulnerable road users.

Vision Zero Boston Promises action in four critical areas:

Reducing speeds and building safer streets Tackling distracted and impaired driving Engaging Bostonians with Vision Zero Holding ourselves accountable for results

and a Rapid Response to Fatalities.

Click the links below to discover more about Vision Zero Boston.

Thanks to the leadership and commitment of the Vision Zero Boston Task Force, the City has a clear picture of why action is needed now to make our city streets safer for everyone.

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